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Understanding the Work of the Holy Spirit

As a Christian, it is very important to understand the Trinity of God and sometimes you need clarity about certain issues when you read the word of God. Obviously, you are probably familiar with some of the spiritual disciplines of walking strong as a Christian and some of them include reading the Bible, engaging in daily prayer and having fellowship with other people. Now while all of these disciplines are very important if you are to be strong, it is very important that you also have an in-depth understanding of what you are doing. Most people attest to reading the Word of God and not really understanding the exact meaning. This is quite common and should not be alarming to anyone but it should also be a point of encouragement to try and understand how to interpret the word of God. The good news is that, the Holy Spirit is our helper sent from God to help in the very circumstances that were struggling in. If you read the Bible, you will often find the Holy Spirit referred to as our helper, a comforter and even a counselor. All of these aspects of the Holy Spirit are very important in the daily work of a Christian and understanding each one of them can make Christianity so much easier.

Let us begin with the fact that the Holy Spirit is a helper. In the early church, you realize the disciples had Jesus with them and they could ask for help and go to him anytime they had questions that needed answering and problems that needed solving. However, after the death and resurrection of Jesus, he promised to send the Holy Spirit is a helper in his stead. This meant that, though he would no longer be able to be with the disciples physically, he could still get to them through his Spirit and ensure they have all the help they need in their Christian walk. What are some of the things of the Holy Spirit helps us with? As mentioned before, it is possible to struggle with understanding the Bible and this is where the Holy Spirit comes in to ensure that as you read the word of God, you are getting the correct interpretation with the help of the Holy Spirit. After you have read the word of God, the next thing that is encouraged to do is ensure that you are leaving it out. The Holy Spirit is a constant voice in your mind telling you how to apply the word of God in your daily life and how to live out your salvation as a Christian. Even when it comes to praying, the Bible is very clear about our inability to pray as we ought to and in this case, the Holy Spirit comes in to help us so that we are praying according to the will of God and within his word as well. Finally, the Holy Spirit comforts us in cases where we go through hard times. For example, when going through a brief period, the Holy Spirit will comfort you by giving you peace and helping you deal with the situation until you come out at the end of it fine.

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